Solar Eclipse 2019

For the annular solar eclipse on 26th December 2019, we were thinking that from where we can see the eclipse, whether we should go to Mysore or Coimbatore, or stay in Mumbai. But we figured out that the maximum eclipse would be visible in Coimbatore, which is in Tamil Nadu. So we booked the tickets for Coimbatore immediately after figuring this out.

We had planned to Coimbatore, which is in Tamil Nadu. We had gone to see the annular solar eclipse which was the rarest occasion in December 2019. Annular solar eclipse is held only once in so many years. So we were hoping that the eclipse would be visible to us. I had researched about the eclipse a few days in advance.

Annular Solar Eclipse
Annular Solar Eclipse

We went to Coimbatore, two days before the day of the eclipse. To see the eclipse, we had carried our spectacles (from which we can watch the eclipse).

On the day of the eclipse, the weather was quite cloudy. We could not see the sun. Unfortunately the eclipse was not visible to us because of the cloudy atmosphere. This was something unexpected! We were expecting that the eclipse would be visible to us, because it was the month of December.

If the weather wouldn’t have been cloudy, the eclipse would have been visible to us. Then the tour would have been much better according to us.

Watching solar eclipse

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