An experience of missing a flight

Once, in October 2007, during the festival of Navaratri, we had gone to Malvan. We went there for some registration work to construct a new house in Malvan. We went there by train. We traveled within Malvan for a couple of days.

While returning to Mumbai, we went to Goa because that time there was no airport in Malvan. My father had booked a flight for Mumbai, from Dabolim airport. That was an evening flight, so during the day, we traveled within Goa. We were closer to Baga beach. But we were so relaxed that we did not even realize the date and the time of the flight to Mumbai! So we went to stay in a resort near Baga beach for one night. My father had to book a ticket for the flight for the next day. He booked so and we returned to Mumbai early next morning. But, I had to miss my school on that day too. Earlier, I had thought that I would miss my school only for one day. But unfortunately and unexpectedly, I had to miss my school for two days!

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